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What happens if a bartender opens an ice cream shop? Well, boozy ice cream of course! Loads of it. Forget about rum & raisin, Rick and Brian have created culinary, surprising, but also comforting ice cream flavours, using only spirits and liqueurs that you can find at respectable cocktail bars.


We offer a wide variety of culinary ice creams flavours, with and without alcohol.

Using only natural ingredients, 

a farm-to-cone approach,

plus we do not shy away from lactose free

and vegan ice cream creations.



Whether you are a restaurant, bar, cafe or

cone-isseur. We are happy to customise flavours for you and supply to your needs. There are multiple ways of going about this, just drop us a message and we will be happy to work something out.

Looking for that something that will add just that bit more to your event?

We can cater on any location, from 30 to 500 people. We do customisations, brand collaborations, wedding parties and so much more. Having worked with the likes of Laneige, W Hotel, Mercedes and Bacardi just to name drop a few..

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